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By | December 26, 2019

Most of us love to eat when we travel especially in Trains, thats why the concept of Food on Wheels is getting popular,  I personally cannot eat stale food and rely on IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) and its channel partners to get food in train, but that seldom impress’s anyone. The quality of food is really low from a hygiene and taste perspective.

Now a days, number of services have started that allows you to order quality food while on the rail. All you need to have is a smartphone with internet, either your PNR Number or Train Number. The menu appears as soon as key information is entered and shows where all the food on wheels is available along the route. These services also show where your food is coming from. The order needs to be made atleast an hour ago depending from service to service. The service is available in almost all major railway stations.

Food for traveling in train is bound to a plausible growth as multiple vendors are already lining up to make “online khana order” a trend among average commuters compelling them to order food on train rather than packing heavy lunch boxes from home. Brands like Domino’s, Comesum, RailRestro have teamed up with IRCTC to equip you with a rich menu from 500+ restaurants and help make food delivery in train a success. With multiple cuisines and dishes to opt and various palates to satisfy e catering system is also concerned with the freshness of your yummy meal. E–catering service promises fresh food delivery on train without compromising the taste, and cost-effectiveness of your meal. This will make your journey a super yummy blend of taste and comfort. Food for traveling in train is often associated with a boring and dull mix of regular & contemporary food eaten as a compulsion rather than delicacy. The open food stalls do offer a great service located in every station but with the discomfort of leaving your berths and precious belongings and with a possibility of missing your journey. Thanks to this upgrade in travel and food services in India, online food rail delivery has become a successful venture. It caters to every railway traveler providing them with tasty yet cheap food delivery on train seat.

Travelers are already reveling in the new catering system with many happy stories and new tastes acquired with every journey. Turning the process of food packet delivery on train from a mere thought to reality is a major crown in the history of flawless service execution of IRCTC towards its passengers. Gone are the boring days of packing your bulky dabba from home as now is the time to get a taste of online khana order as a lip-smacking option for your travels, expeditions, destinations and pilgrimages across India. Be it a traditional Indian dish fancied by masses or a typical continental or Italian cuisine you want to munch on, e-catering service is always happy to provide you with never ending options of luring delicacies at the comfort of your train seat. With new vendors gearing up to add to the menu and more stations being equipped with the service, online food delivery on your train seat is flourishing as a major food alternative among the railway passengers and aims at becoming the flagship alternative of majority food consumption in Indian railways.


How to Order Food Online in Train

Every passenger is allotted with a 10-digit PNR number printed on the top left corner of the ticket. Any passenger who wants to order food of their choice website or download food ordering application from Google Play Store. Enter the PNR number in the space provided and check the list of restaurants and food available en route. Select the restaurant and food you want to order. The selected menu will be added in the cart with total bill reflected on the screen. Click the checkout button and you will be landed to the payment page. Select the appropriate payment gateway and pay your bill online by debit cards, credit cards, internet banking, Paytm, PhonePe or Freecharge wallets. Want to pay offline? Choose “Cash on Delivery” (COD) option. So, sit back and relax! Let the train reach at the station. Your ordered food will be served at your berth.


food on wheels

Some of the key players in Food on Wheels in 2020 are:

  1. Dominos

2. Railrestro


Food on Track

3. Comesum


Food on Wheel Comesum
Foods of Wheel Partners

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